New in our program: Miyawaki steam traps + accessories

Miyawaki is the oldest steam trap manufacturer in Japan. The company was founded in 1933 and developed into one of the leading steam trap manufacturers worldwide.

A variety of different models and extensive accessories for processing steam and condensate cover almost all applications. For example, thermostatic and dynamic steam traps as well as ball and inverter bucket steam traps as well as pumping traps and pressure reducing valves are included in the scope of delivery and serve applications such as steam lines and systems, tracing, heat exchangers, cleaning systems and applications in the food industry.

Of particular note is the internationally patented SSCV system (Self Closing and Centering Valve), in which the closing body is freely supported in the holder and is guided centrally into the seat by the discharge medium. This ensures that the valve closes and opens gently, thus increasing the service life and preventing steam loss. Vapor losses are 100% impossible with bimetal arresters.

In steam systems, correctly designed, high-quality steam traps save energy and increase system efficiency. We not only supply you with the right surge arrester, we also offer the service of regularly checking your surge arresters throughout the entire system (even when using third-party products). For this we use a steam trap management system.

We look forward to your inquiry.

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